Paul and Pauly


Meet Pauly Avila and his dad, Paul. Pauly is autistic and blind. Several years ago, inspired by his son and always with a heart for the homeless, Paul realized the importance of "music" in the lives of those who are disabled or dejected. It became his mission to deliver a transistor radio to every homeless person on Skid Row. That mission evolved into what is now Pauly's Project - feeding, clothing and blessing the thousands who are homeless in Los Angeles.



Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. To give back because we have been given so much, that's why we do it!

Making a Difference


There is nothing like bringing joy to those who live with so much need and sadness. They look for our cars as we come down the road with provisions. Before we can exit our vehicles, they are surrounding us, so humble and so grateful for everything they receive.

Whatever It Takes


Yes, even the disabled are homeless. This beautiful woman, Bridgette, is a regular on our Sunday runs. One day, while she was looking for some help, the City of Los Angeles came in and "swept out" her spot. She lost everything, including her shoes. All we had that day were slippers. But her foot was wrapped with gauze because it was injured from pushing herself around without shoes. So the slippers didn't fit, no matter how hard we tried. Practical shoes are a huge need for the homeless. Please donate!

Homeless Pets


The homeless cling to those who love them unconditionally. You can't imagine how many pets of the homeless we encounter, and just like their masters, they too are starving. We do our best to bring baggies of kibble every time we go out. Regardless, even on days we don't have dog food, the compassionate homeless dog-owners, always share what we give them with the ones they love: their sweet canine counterparts.



It was a blessed day when I met Paul Avila. We bonded over the LA Dodgers, for whom we are both rabid fans. We never knew that we shared another passion: the homeless. Nothing is better than teaming up with those who share your passion! I hope, wherever you are, you feel compelled to get involved in your city. Help the homeless...they are mere reflections of each of us. ONE choice separates us ALL from a fate of homelessness! If it were YOU, wouldn't you pray that someone would take the time to help? 


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